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If you’re reading this, chances are you want to know more about us and what we do. Well, we’re an agency that specialises in marketing for sales.

Which means we do things differently.

Like bridging the gap between the Marketing and Sales departments, working with them both to align brand and communication objectives with the need to hit targets.

Like having our own consultative, diagnostic approach that ensures thoughtful, intelligence-led marketing solutions, driven by your own specific need. Like the sound of that?

To find out more, please call Chris Cloughley or Neil Monk on 020 8780 9700.

  • IBM
  • Three
  • Yell
  • LexisNexis
  • Prudential
  • Lenovo
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  • IBM
  • Three
  • Yell
  • LexisNexis
  • Breakdown Hero
  • Lenovo
  • Basware
  • BBC Worldwide
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We’re good at producing intelligence-led marketing materials that get results.

What do we mean by intelligence-led? We have a unique tool that gives a clear understanding of your current marketing materials and the environment they’re working in.

Called the ASID test, it enables us to create digital and print marketing solutions that are purpose-built to increase sales.

We’re also good at digging out the most compelling value propositions – and making sure the right people see and understand them. Through creative that gets noticed, copy that involves, email and direct marketing that generates leads, websites that support the sale, brochures that get the message across...

The kind of agency we are

We’ve been marketing for sales for over 18 years now. And we’re proud to say that we’ve been working with some of our clients for almost as long. Because once clients take us on, they tend to keep us.

The main reason for this is that our intelligent approach to providing solutions to their marketing issues gets results.

Another is that we treat them like their business really matters to us. Because it does.

And yet another is that we get things done. Quickly, efficiently, on time and on budget.

Whether it’s print or digital, from brief to concepts to getting the right marketing solution out there and doing its job, we try to make everything as hassle-free as possible.

This is just a very small sample of what we get up to.

For more case studies and examples of our work please call Chris Cloughley or Neil Monk on 020 8780 9700.

  • Yell
  • ASID test

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Yell's investment in sales support information, known as 'core literature', was considerable, with the volume of material being produced growing year on year.

Yet there was no evidence to prove the effectiveness of the materials and no clear understanding of how sales people were using them during the sales process.

With an increasing number of product launches and more demands being placed on the sales force, it was vital that these materials worked harder for a living.


The first thing we did was carry out an audit of all core literature. This included a usability study, environment analysis and content analysis.

We found that a lot of information was being duplicated in several items. We also learned that there were some materials that the sales force simply didn’t need and therefore wouldn’t use.

Armed with this knowledge, we created a suite of collateral – both printed and electronic – presented in clear, concise and user-friendly formats. Much of the material was multi-purpose, so it could be mailed out to potential customers, as well as used as leave-behinds and face-to-face presenters.

  • lenovo
  • Channel Partner Promotion

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Lenovo needed to create a series of quarterly incentive schemes for their channel partners. Historically these incentives had been used to incentivise channel partner staff, without generating valuable contact data. The pitch brief included the need for a new Outdoers brand ID refresh, a templated approach to cost-effectviely roll-out the incentives on a quarterly basis and ensure that accessibility and participation was maximised for the audience.


We created a contemporary, yet flexible brand ID, an innovative approach to templating the communications through a fully mobile responsive website, built in .net framework v2 all hosted in MS environment to display across desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. And created an aspirational incentive that appealed to the audience demographic, helping to generate a valuable database of participants for future engagement.

  • Sky
  • Retention Site

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Pubs and Clubs customers are an important market for Sky Business subscriptions. WorksMC was briefed to help retain existing customers, as well as attract new ones, by adding value to the service.


Showing sporting events on the premises is a big earner for pubs and clubs. So we created PreviewLIVE, an interactive, engaging website that provides landlords with everything they need to attract sports-mad customers.

As well as featuring all the latest sports fixtures and information, PreviewLIVE has interactive event planners, video case studies and tutorials, POS and discounted merchandise and the latest industry and sports news.

We also created MyPOS to work alongside the website. Customers follow a simple step-by-step template process to design their own promotional POS material, which they can then print cheaply themselves – or have printed professionally.

Based on site statistical feedback, we developed a mobile optimised web app version that allows users to select and download posters through a QR code printed in Sky’s Preview Magazine.

All poster selection and reporting is available to Sky administrators via our custom CMS (Content Management System).

  • i2
  • Social engagement

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IBM had set up two LinkedIn groups targeting a midmarket audience. These were managed by another agency and IBM were not happy with the service they received. No reporting was provided, articles written for the groups were not relevant and were only written by one journalist, and avatars, rather than real people were used as group managers.

As a result, discussions, interactions and membership within the groups were dwindling.

WorksMC was challenged to reverse this trend, as well as to generate leads and reinforce IBM as a thought leader in areas such as cloud, big data, security and analytics.


WorksMC developed a strategy for the LinkedIn groups which was split into:

Listening – we hold monthly work groups with internal IBM stakeholders, monitor conversations on the web and conduct monthly check-ins with group members.

Recruiting – we email existing databases encouraging them to join the groups, create LinkedIn ads promoting groups to target markets and link to groups included on other comms.

Management and content generation – we commission journalists and copywriters to post articles specifically for each group on a weekly basis, encourage members to post their own articles, whitepapers and case studies, as well as starting and responding to posts and taking part in conversations.

Reporting – stats provided by LinkedIn are limited, so we also manually track group activity including key influencers, most active, most popular articles, key commentators and number of members within each group.

In addition, group descriptions were rewritten, objectives agreed and specialised moderators, well known within the IT industry, were assigned to the groups.

A database of group members was manually built and a recruitment plan put in place comprising of personal emails, promotion within relevant LinkedIn groups, tweets by key influencers, mention of LinkedIn groups at events and some supporting telemarketing.

  • ibm
  • Channel Promotion

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IBM were introducing a new range of PureSystems products to the market.

Our first task was to raise awareness of the products in the channel and to educate resellers about the features and benefits in the process.

All pretty straightforward – until deadlines were discussed...


From receiving the brief, to concepts, design, development and implementation we delivered a fully responsive promotional site in less than 6 weeks.

Through the website, channel partner sales teams could participate in an 8-week promotion via their desktops, tablets or smartphones.

Every week users could play an arcade style online game, with the highest score winning a solid gold ingot worth £1,000. Each game highlighted a PureSystems product-based message at the beginning and end, which reflected the nature of the game. Users could also answer a product-based question which, if answered correctly, would release a number in a combination lock and the opportunity to be one of 20 randomly selected winners of £50 worth of iTunes vouchers.

At the end of the 8 weeks, everyone who had answered the weekly questions correctly gained access to the gold vault. At midday on the final Friday of the promotion the vault opened to reveal a Gold Rush question. The first 9 to correctly answer the question all received a gold ingot.

Full reporting and tracking helped to ensure that communications were targeted and that administration was kept simple and accurate. The promotion was supported with direct marketing and email marketing.

  • ibm
  • Event support

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Once every quarter, IBM hosted a Software Partner Sales College for its Business Partners (BPs) at IBM Southbank. On average around 100 BPs attended the morning session, and there was a 50% drop-off for the afternoon session.

The company decided to combine the quarterly events into one large event during the first half of 2013, and to move the venue to Twickenham Stadium.

To fill such a large venue, and to reflect the IBM message of accelerating success, we needed to double attendee figures.


Our Event 360 solution is a specially developed programme involving multiple touch points that ensures events are well publicised, well attended and well followed-up.

To make sure we caught BPs when their diaries weren’t already full, we started the conversation with them early, introducing the event via emails that linked to a dedicated event website.

We reinforced supporting materials as well – updating the existing Software Partner College website with a new look and better functionality across both desktop and mobile.

To keep channels of communication open at all times, we created a mobile app which could be used before, during and after the event.

We also messaged attendees several days before the event to confirm attendance and to post event networking sessions.

The importance of the activity was underlined by a high quality 16-page brochure that was handed out on the day.

Social media - Twitter and LinkedIn - were used to promote the event and also post live updates throughout.

  • ibm
  • Multi-touch campaign

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IBM were adding VSR (Virtualized Server Recovery), a solution guaranteeing shorter server recovery times, to their Resiliency suite of products and services – and they wanted to promote it to their top accounts.

As it was a new product, there had been little or no communications activity. So the project had a large educational element to it.

WorksMC was asked to take on the project after IBM had been let down at the last minute by another agency. Our client had just 3 days to submit fully costed ideas to her senior management team.


Given the tight timelines, we presented several concepts to IBM. The one that was chosen, "Up and Running", reinforced VSR's unique ability to recover servers in around 30 minutes.

We designed a multi-touch communications programme, which included a direct mail piece complete with stopwatch, email campaign, mobile responsive website, social media, LinkedIn ads, tweets and LinkedIn group postings.

The website featured a VSR themed game to encourage return traffic.

And those attending an IBM demonstration were encouraged to bring their stopwatch with them to time how long it would take to get a server up and running.

  • In-store POS

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The Three concession in John Lewis was carrying out a major sales push prior to the Christmas peak.

The aim was to encourage people buying tablets/iPads to connect their newly purchased devices to Three’s network.

So as well as encouraging customers to connect there and then in store we were also asked to create a way for people to connect online - if they wanted to connect at a later date, of if they were given the tablet as a present.

The existing self-connect user experience wasn’t very user-friendly, and, as a result too many users were breaking off before finishing their connection. What’s more, the system wasn’t capturing any customer data, so no one could contact them to offer help.


WorksMC delivered an integrated approach consisting of print and digital. We created all the printed collateral for the Three John Lewis concession, from the customer facing brochures and product cards to staff IDs and quick reference lanyard cards.

Care was taken to highlight the ease of connecting WiFi-only enabled (Mobile WiFi) and 3G/4G devices (Data SIMs), providing information tailored to the high-value customer demographic of John Lewis.

We also designed a new, simplified self-connect system, which captured customer data. This was supported with an incentive to connect – where customers who connected with Three and stayed with them for at least 2 months received a free set of headphones or a WiFi speaker.

  • RB
  • Intranet

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As a global organisation with many well-known brands, Reckitt Benckiser has a large amount of digital marketing, positioning and branding guidelines, and best-practice and methodology information available for reference and to ensure consistent delivery.

However, it is held in lots of different places, making it difficult to find relevant information.

So to help their global brand managers in over 142 countries, the RB Global Digital Marketing Team (GDMT) decided to create a one-stop online hub for all things digital marketing.

The aim was to provide an easily accessible repository that staff could reference to help them with their digital brand and campaign planning.


Working with the GDMT, a third party content provider and internal stakeholders, we designed and built the RB Digital Hub using Umbraco CMS (Content Management System). We also created supporting assets and uploaded all content for the hub.

  • Infographics

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Facts and figures can present a persuasive argument. If you can get people to read them.

The problem is, for all their power, facts and figures can be a little dry. And to make matters worse, they're often buried deep in accompanying copy.

Which is where infographics come in useful.

They're brilliant at untangling compelling info and bringing it to life by combining it with relevant, interesting graphics.

Have a look at our infographic on infographics and you'll see what we mean.

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