Results. Results.

We’re obsessed with results. Because that’s the best way to prove our value to you.

So we developed our own process to measure and drive success.

Called the ASID Test, it shows how effective your current marketing materials are, highlighting areas for improvement which could drive higher sales, conversion rates and ROI in future campaigns.

The ASID Test

Sales support
Internal communications
The ASID Test consists of these four components and the process has 3 key steps…

1. Assess

We start the process by assessing past and present marketing activity. This helps us to spot gaps, identify opportunities and reduce repetition. The results of the fact‑find are plotted on a matrix, providing a clear picture of the effectiveness of current materials.

2. Apply

We then apply the insights we gain to create more effective campaigns and, where possible, migrate marketing materials from print to digital.

3. Re-evaluate

The aim of the ASID Test is to continually improve sales messaging and materials. So at the end of a project we re‑evaluate the effectiveness of materials by measuring and comparing the response to the new materials and their impact on the sales process. This includes perceived improvements – what people thought about the new support – and measured improvements – based on leads, sales, ROI, conversion and click‑through rates, retention, sign‑ups etc.

We then apply the insights we gain to create more effective campaigns…

Our work works

From marketing firsts, to pioneering campaigns, to motivating solutions
– here’s a selection of what we’ve done…

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